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Rubbers Bicycle Inner Tubes

During the apres, don’t forget to try your hand and time yourself as you try to  swap a tire from one #HandlaidInCanada rim to another. The winner, takes home a pair of Carbon Rims, by We Are One! Consolation prize packs are provided by Rubbers bicycle inner tubes!

So what is this game?

The game is simple, take a tire off of a #HandLaidInCanada carbon rim, and put it back on. The fastest time, takes home the rim set!

We’ll be running this game at every event, before, during and after the awards ceremony, so after you’ve finished racing for the day, take a try and see what time you can score!  You’ll get to choose between 27.5” or 29”, so don’t worry there is a size for everyone!



  • In order to participate, you must have paid for a race registration to the event. Racers with complimentary entries, or coupons/discounts of more than 50% are not eligible.

  • Volunteers of the event are allowed to participate.


  • 1 - We Are One Rim is supplied - no spokes, hub or other items.
    *Rim is pre-taped*

  • 1 - Maxxis DHF tire is supplied

  • 1 - Floor Pump, is supplied

  • 1 - Timing device, supplied by anyone - iPhone etc.

  • No tubes are to be used.

  • No tire sealant or other fluid/additive is permitted


  1. Participant must FILM their attempt via mobile phone or other.

  2. Participant must start with rim/tire fully inflated, with rim and equipment out of reach of participant.

  3. Witness or timer says “go” and starts timer

  4. Participant begins

  5. Participant must fully remove tire from rim and hold the items separately. Must hold tire and rim up in separate hands.

  6. Participant must then fully reinstall the tire onto the rim and inflate.

  7. Inflation - the pre-charged pump is only valid for 1 use, there will be no additional pumps or strokes given on the pump - 1 shot only!

  8. Tire must be full beaded around rim to be considered complete.


  1. Attempts must be filmed and posted with the tagging @weareonecomposites and use the #HandLaidInCanada

  2. No outside assistance

  3. Timer starts on “Go” and ends when the participant let’s go of the tire/rim and it is fully inflated.

  4. Only one attempt per person, per event.

  5. Only one prize per person, per season.

  6. Complainers/whiners are disqualified and barred from participating for life.

  7. Tire must hold air for 1-Minute.

  8. Fastest time for that day wins.

  9. Consolation prizes from Rubbers are handed out that day.



You will be given We Are One’s contact information after winning:

  • You must post one photo on IG or FB when you receive your rims, tagging @weareonecomposites and @Canadian_Enduro_Series. You must also use the hashtag’s #CanadianEnduro and #HandLaidinCanada

  • You will be given your choice of 27.5” or 29” rims.

  • Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery