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Ted Morton

Location: Kamloops, BC


Age: 32

Best Race Result: EWS Whistler 2018 42nd with a 23rd stage result


Favourite Trail: Mt. Cartier 



Ted is famous for hanging manuals all over the globe and is known mainly as the owner and event director of the Canadian Enduro Series and founder of North America's first and only helicopter assisted mountain bike race.  A master of planning and logistics Ted's goal is to make everyone 'live like a local' by creating unique adventures that intertwine old-school classics, new-school flow, and all-day missions up and down ridgelines. Coffee, gin and pastries are the fuel of choice, so don't be surprised when he busts out a gourmet lunch atop a far-off peak.  Ted's intimate knowledge of British Columbia's riding hotspots has been curated from years of exploration, racing and adventure. A wilderness first-responder, level two Professional Mountain Bike Instructor and an EWS racer with top 50 results, you'll have a blast whether it's getting some lessons, chasing a strava segment or getting sendy.

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Email: Ted@BCenduro.com

Phone: (250) -899-0096


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