Concussion Testing: 


Advance Concussion Clinic has a ton of information on their website, so without boring you all, here's what's happening:


Riders can choose from one of three methods of testing:


1) In-Clinic Assessment

2) On-site Assessment - Fraser Valley Race or Kamloops Race

3) Skype Assessment



You must go to their clinic at Suite 110-1367 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6H 4A7 - Call 1-604-428-8778 to book.


The following assessments will take baseline measurements in neurocognitive, vestibular, oculomotor, cervical spine and physiologic systems.

What's included:

• ImPACT; computerized neurocognitive test | This test is highly recognized - you can see it mentioned in a few Pinkbike articles like - Here

• Vision and Balance Screens

• Reaction Time

• Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Baselines

• Cervical spine screen

• Time estimate 50 minutes

COST = $125.00 before tax

How to redeem - show your receipt from registering for any BC Enduro Series Event (2017)



These tests are available at the Fraser Valley (May 6th/7th) and Kamloops (June 4th) stops of the series.

• Vision and Balance Screens

• Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Baselines

• Cervical spine screen

•Time estimate 20 minutes


COST = $75.00 before tax

How to redeem - Call or Email Advance to book your spot for the Fraser Valley or Kamloops Stops - you will need to provide a valid number plate or receipt from the series (2017).


• Vision, Balance Screens

• Time estimate 20 minutes




BC Enduro Series believes in the importance of safe play, and here at Advance Concussion Clinic (ACC) we are dedicated to supporting our athletes and protecting them—in mountain biking, racing, and in life. As Western Canada's leader in concussion management our interdisciplinary team provide the best in evidence based care, from baseline testing through to concussion assessment, treatment and clearance.

With this in mind, ACC is proud to have partnered with the BC Enduro Series to assist in baseline testing and to support best-practice concussion management when concussions occur. This partnership will allow members to better identify and protect athletes who suffer concussions, to support efficient and complete recoveries, and to expedite safe Returns to play. We’re looking forward to a successful and healthy racing season. Let’s Play Hard, Play Safe with ACC!—Advance Concussion Clinic

Advance Concussion Clinic | 1-604-428-8778 |