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The Canadian American Enduro Championship was created by the Big Mountain Enduro Series (USA) and the Canadian National Enduro Series (CAN), as testing grounds to once and for all establish who is the best rider in North America (sorry Mexico, we’ll add you next year!).


Canada and the United States of America have had a long running rivalry in everything, from hockey to basketball, legalizing marijuana to who created the telephone, we’ve never really been able to decide who is the best, well, now we can at least settle which countries have the fastest riders!



Racing is expensive, sometimes quite serious and often the increased constraints of high-level competition can take-away from the fun for riders who aren’t interested in competing in the world stage. So, we decided create a championship that encapsulates something for everyone!



Each race venue, is held to the rulebook of the race organizer
Chilliwack = CNES
Aspen = BME


For 2019 the structure is quite simple, follow us along here:

  1. Two Races > Two Podiums (don’t worry there are age categories)

    1. May 12th - Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada > www.canadianenduro.com

    2. August 17th - Aspen Snowmass, Colorado, USA > www.bigmountainenduro.com

    3. How-To-Enter

      1. Everyone who registers for the event will be automatically entered.

      2. When you register for your event, you’ll be prompted to select the country you wish to represent (you don’t have to be a citizen)

      3. Cost = FREE > That’s right, no sanctioning, no membership, nada!

What does that get you? Oh just read on!

  1. You’ll be given a custom number plate showing that you are representing your country in that race.
  2. An opportunity to help your fellow country people to gain the elusive title!

  3. Establish who is the fastest rider in North America.

  4. Race Course

    1. Special stage - most difficult - will be designated as the ultimate showcase. This will be the stage to gain additional points for your country. Read the structure below to see. stage is the stage that will

    2. Athletes will be competing on the entire course to establish which rider is the fastest in North America, this is not category dependant, simply put, the fastest rider (Men and Women

  5. Scoring/Results

The total race time, including the CANAM Stage is used to determine the total race time to determine the fastest Male and Female riders. This is not category dependent.


FASTEST COUNTRY > CAN AM Championship Stage

  1. On this Special Stage, all racers are competing for their country.
  2. The top 5 from each category will receive points, starting at 5pts for 1st, and descending to 1pt for 5th place.

  3. The TRUMP/TRUDEAU Penalty Box - The five SLOWEST overall times for the stage (doesn’t depend on category), will penalize your future healthcare, no we’re kidding, it will penalize your country by 10 points each, to a total no more than 50 points.

    Essentially the fastest country at each race (Chilliwack and Aspen), is determined by the fastest riders in each category, subtracted by the slowest overall time penalties.


  4. The fastest country award is given at the Aspen, Big Mountain Enduro final race.


  1. Prizing

      The fastest rider (Male/Female) will be given a full seasons entry to both the Big Mountain Enduro Series and the Canadian Enduro Series for 2020.

      On top of that, you’ll get a hilarious trophy to bring home to your parents, oh and freaking bragging rights!


      The winning country will be awarded two prizes.

      1. PRIZE #1 - A gift to a nation:
        If the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA wins the overall, the Canadian Enduro Series in 2020, will sport an Eagle on their number plates, at all races, for the duration of the series.  If CANADA wins the overall, the Big Mountain Enduro Series, will put a beaver on all of their number plates for 2020

      2. PRIZE #2 - Athlete Awards


  1. You’ll get bragging rights and free entry to the Canadian Enduro Championships in 2020 and Big Mountain Enduro Championships in 2020

  2. Freaking bragging rights bud!