April 21

Kamloops, Bike Ranch

July 7

Canmore, AB, Nordic Centre

What's next in 2018?

The BC Enduro Series has been a staple of the riding scene over the past 4 years, we've been across the province and back again, showcasing new riding destinations and of course the classics! We've helped develop riders; contribute to local trail clubs with our donations(more than $70,000 to date) and with our 2016 IMBA partnership; and most recently, matched funds by MEC. All of that is really, truly exceptional. But, it's the communities, riders and volunteers that have always and will always make these events, special!


That's why for 2018, we're taking the focus off of racing, and re-aiming our gaze on showcasing communities, creating more accessible experience for a broader range of riders! 

I just want to open this post with a deep, sincere, thank you, to all the riders - you folks make the event. Your positivity, willingness for misadventure, and understanding have made this such a memorable scene. The other thank you is to all of the communities, sponsors, volunteers, trail-builders, friends and everyone in between.

We've seen a huge increase in ridership over the past two years, while this undoubtedly is a good thing, it does come with the inherent impacts, both positive and negative impacts. Many people understand the impacts on the trails (both positive and negative), some of you understand the importance of the economic spin-off of the event (approx. $75,000 per 150 participants), and very few will conceptualize that the event reaches much further - we have changed strategic community plans for trail networks, persuaded people to relocate their lives, encouraged kids to ride more and helped trail groups legitimize their status to key government stakeholders. 

I'm not asking people to understand the nitty gritty behind the scenes, rather to just acknowledge that by attending these events, you should be proud that you've contributed to truly developing the riding scene in BC, you've helped support the entire riding industry! You're part of the MTBing family and who would have thought that would be the outcome from hurling yourself down in order to get bragging rights over your buddy?

When I was working that first-event in Penticton 4 years ago, it was raw; people got lost on course, there was lots of uncertainty and there were only 60 people! What sparked my interest!? How cool it was to meet new people, explore a new place and truly have the riders of that local community show-off their hard work. The series in my eyes has always been a collaborative affair, 10% Racing, 70% Social, 30% Exploration. As the Canadian National Enduro Series has grown, I've begun to see a clear line from participants, between, serious racers and riders just looking for a good time, while you certainly can be both, sometimes trying to be everything to everyone, all at once, is just not possible. The goal with this change in structure is to narrow the scope of both series, so that the events become more accessible, and everyone leaves with massive smiles and sore legs! 

- Ted Morton | BC Enduro and Canadian National Enduro Series & The Revelstoke 3-Day Helicopter Enduro

So what does that mean for 2018!?

Our fastest growing category is U21 followed closely by 30-39, 40+ and Open Women. This fall I held a beginner-focused enduro/xc in Kamloops, we had around 50 riders and it really reminded me of the first few years of events; low-key, super positive and it was all about the journey. I want to get back to the roots, while keeping the Canadian Series the focus of high-level competition.


BC Enduro = Family Fun, Adventures, Accessible, Community Focused, Less about racing, more about the experience.


Canadian National Enduro = All of the above plus; focus on racing, better course marking, harder trails, bigger days, experts only.

With increased pressure on local trail clubs to maintain ever growing trail networks, largely via volunteer labour, I began wondering how we could better support not only the communities, but how could we reduce a bit of that pressure on the trails, while maintaining that rawness of the events?


2018 will see the BC Enduro Series (BCES ONLY, not CNES) no longer be a cumulative race series, this means the following:

  • There is no set BC Enduro schedule as of yet, it depends on the number of applicants.

  • No points or overalls.

  • No double black diamond trails.

  • Short Course at every venue.

  • Reduced registration cost (set by host organizer).

  • Capped entry at 200 riders.

  • No Pro Men or Pro Women Categories - these races aren't for pros.

  • Less media production (to keep registration prices down and focus on fun!)

  • No formal course release, we want to cool down the shuttling and amount of practice laps - so we'll just post the route to Facebook on Saturday morning.

  • Option for races to be held on Saturday's.

  • Not every venue will have food and beverage apres.

  • No formal awards ceremony - to let people leave early to get home, we'll announce the winners, but it will be pretty informal.

  • More $$$ back to the trails - by narrowing our scope, this will leave more cash and opportunity for capacity building in the local community trails!

  • No prize money at events.

  • No pre-race email - just a simple post on Facebook on Saturday night, with the course route and where registration will be held.


Essentially, the BC Enduro Series will become an event manager, providing timing and minimum guidelines to host organizers. The major change is that the series will now operate more as a collective, where local communities who really want to host an event can utilize the BC Enduro expertise, framework, and systems. This will ensure the focus of the event is even more community centric, rather than focusing on high-level racing, it will be focusing on intermediates and serious recreational riders who really just want to ride awesome trails, B.S. with their buddies, and have a no-fuss weekend of riding with marked trails. 

Apply to Host a BCES Event

Applications are open to anyone, we're looking for solid community champions, and communities that want to host an event for some of the most interesting riders in B.C.!

There is no set schedule for BC Enduro events, the schedule will depend on the number of inquiries. Please email to find out the list of appropriate dates.

Email Ted@bcenduro.com with the following information:


  • ​​Proposed dates. Saturdays are ok!

  • Proposed location/trails - ensure you know the land managers and land base of the trails.

  • How many volunteers you expect you'll need.

  • Who is going to be the key contact for the race - this person needs to be dedicated, a community champion

  • First-come, first-served

  • This doesn't guarantee an event, I will email back an application overview form and we'll start this awesome process.